Monday, April 02, 2007

vintage chinese tea...

some wines are better and more valuable the older they get... the same goes for certain types of cheese.... so, how about some aged chinese tea? :P

after dinner tonight, i asked everyone for their choice of post-dinner beverage. mum opted for 3-in-1 coffee, i wanted 3-in-1 milk-tea, my brother asked for chinese tea. i recalled that we only have a box of japanese green tea but my brother said he'd prefer chinese tea. so i dug around the kitchen cabinet and found this:

a brand new box of rickshaw chinese tea-bags (chrysanthemum). perfect!
out of regular habit, i turned the box around to check for the expiry date.... almost couldn't believe my own eyes!!? hahaha... check this out!
we actually have a pack of brand new unopened tea-bags that's almost 9 years old!! wow! can we enter this for the "guinness world records" or something? :P

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