Saturday, January 10, 2009

barbie loves stila this year

i thought i've somewhat gotten over my "makeup phase" but looks like i still can't quite shake away my penchant for prettily packaged, special tie-ups makeup collections.

stila is one of my all time favourite makeup brand, though recent years its popularity has been slowly dwindling away in singapore, now left with only 1 tiny counter tucked in a small corner at CK tangs.

following its love affair with M.A.C cosmetics in barbie loves M.A.C 2007, mattel has now joined hands with yet another chic cosmetics brand to launch "barbie loves stila" - coming very soon - spring 2009! details and pictures on this collection are quite limited at the moment (pic. below features only the "foxy doll" - 1 of the 4 cans available), but i sure am keeping my eyes wide open to keep a lookout on the other sets that'll be offered - ponytail, malibu, jewel. i think i'd likely find 1 or 2 sets that i'm gonna love and have to have!!

((*19 jan updates:))
- rouge deluxe: Barbie x stila

- NEW on sephora!

meanwhile, the new precious pearl colour collection for spring 2009 looks very pretty too. the colour mix looks nice, sensible and very wearable... quite unlike their usual all blues, all pink/browns, all greens palette. something different, promising.

i wonder if these will all make it to on our shores.

PS: i didn't know there was a "stila for bebe" too.. "knockout purple" and "the starlet" each of these palettes features 3 single eyeshadows + 1 convertible colour (for lip/cheek). quite cute, but i'm not crazy over this ;) *phew*

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