Thursday, January 22, 2009

Singapore's very own "congratulatory note" to Obama

i don't intend to discuss politics on my blog, but this is interesting...

Yahoo! news article: Singapore opposition leader appeals to Obama on rights

... Chee Soon Juan, secretary general of the Singapore Democratic Party, posted his "message to President Obama" on the video sharing website YouTube, where he called Obama's Tuesday inauguration "an occasion of great moment."

Chee expressed hope that the United States "will pay more attention to the human rights abuses of the Singapore government and take positive steps to help Singapore join the community of democracies."

check out the 5-min. video clip on YouTube.

i personally do not agree with all he has said (some extremities). i stand by singapore's government and how we're run - though not perfect - you gain some, you lose some. nonetheless, one does have to give it to this man for his "never say die" perseverance...

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