Thursday, January 08, 2009

donate your old books/novels


the lunar/chinese new year is around the corner too, and it's time for spring cleaning again. if you intend to throw out some old textbooks/novels/storybooks etc. to make space around the house, perhaps you might want to consider donating them for a good cause :)

how/where to donate (in singapore)?
  • Books To Read - private group that collects textbooks and english story books to be sent to secondary schools in africa.
    how to donate: log onto

  • New2U Thrift Shop - thrift shop set up to raise funds for the Star Women's Shelter for Abused Women in Singapore. it accepts donations of books, among other things.
    how to donate: drop off your books at the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations Centre, 96 Waterloo Street. for queries, call: 6837-0611.

  • The Salvation Army - items, including books, are sold at thrift stores to help support social and community programmes.
    how to donate: for small quantities, drop off your books at thrift stores or donation bins. see for locations. for bulk donations, call 6288-5438.


Pao said...

This is rather late, but the local information here is just what I was looking for. Thank you for the link to SCWO. Cheers. :)

celest said...

hi Pao, thanks for leaving a note :) glad the information is useful to you. i do hope they're still valid.

btw, nice photo-essay blog you've created.