Sunday, March 18, 2007

barbie loves M.A.C

every girl knows barbie. i guess at some point or another, almost every girl have dreamt of being barbie doll herself - pretty and sweet, sexy and hot, owns tons of gorgeous outfits, shoes that come in all shapes and colours, lives in big dollhouses, a fun life, a cute boyfriend (*oops* ex-boyfriend now ;P) ....

M.A.C cosmetics paired up with barbie (mattel) to launch a new makeup collection "barbie loves M.A.C"! i don't play with barbie dolls anymore, but all these girly pinkish stuff sure hasn't lost its appeal to me :P me and irene were at vivo city friday evening after work, and managed to catch the official launch of the collection at the atrium. but *argh* i forgot to bring my camera!!?? so guess what? i pulled carolyn along and went back to vivo city again for yesterday evening's show... hehehe.

a 2-storey "dollhouse" + real-life barbie and ken dolls, shocking pinks and pretty pretty vanity makeup desks... it's almost surreal, yet so much fun! :)

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^cherie said...

I cant stand it any longer! Love the way your pics shown using the

Hope u don't mind me 'borrowing' your idea to display my photos yah..:P

celest said...

hehehe.. go ahead, i picked up the idea from another gf's blog too ;) they provide nice ways to display images but sometimes you get error when trying to submit a blog post.