Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lalalalalala.. smurf attack! Too Faced palettes...

even though Too Faced is not widely available here in singapore, you can tell from my previous posts that i really like this american cosmetics brand. their stuff are fun, funky, pretty and comes in very usable, intense colours. i especially love their all-in-one palettes.

my colleague forwarded a link to this new limited edition collection to me today...

*gasp* Too Faced with SMURFS! awww.. so cute! so nostalgic! :D
i love Smurfs. most of us (around my age) grew up watching the cartoons on "sunday morning singapore" every weekend... i want the smurfette eyeshadow palette and lip gloss!!

sephora has just opened its flagship store at ngee an city in singapore earlier this month, and despite the very very very limited range of new brands introduced, there is a tiny Too Faced section :) prices are slightly steeper than US prices, and not the full range of products available. i do hope the management will bring in more exciting products over time (especially the "gift ideas and palettes").

get your hands on the limited edition (sephora-exclusive) Too Faced-Smurfs products today!
- so smurfy eye shadow collection (US$32.50)
- so smurfy illumination face powder (US$26)
- mood swing emotionally activated lip gloss (US$ 18.50)
- smurfy-eyed liquid eyeliner (US$17.50)

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