Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i lurrrrve these!!

i was just surfing viecouture blog and saw these.

OMG.. my heart stopped (ok, i'm exaggerating, my heart didn't stop.. maybe just paused for a little) ;) these are soooooo nice! gorgeous dress! absolutely cute bread stamp!

i really love the cut, the colour and fit of this victoria's secret dress - on sale now at USD63.99. it looks perfect (at least on that supermodel)! btw, i love her hair too.. lol.

i wouldn't exactly order this online though, unless i see it in person. i find that VS clothes tend to fall short on expectation - they would look great online (in pics.) but the actual material usually turns out a bit "bleh". looks like i'll just have to save the pic. in my "love-to-have" folder for now.

isn't this the cutest slice of toast you've ever seen?
no? alright.

if they sold this locally eg. at takashimaya cookware section or something, i might pick one up just for fun.
imagine preparing breakfast with this, a few slices of "french toasts", a couple of heart-shaped sunny side up, freshly squeezed orange juice + hot milk tea *wink*.. so cute, so romantic <3<3<3 invite your special someone (or share it in bed), and that's what i would call the perfect breakfast :)

thanks to viecouture, once again, for making my heart stir...

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