Monday, June 29, 2009

asian youth games - listen to what this girl had to say...

"I'm not very comfortable with fire. I can light candles and stuff but not one huge torch like that." (source: channel news asia)

erhm.. did i just hear what i heard on the news?

gosh. i must say i'm quite taken aback that one of the chosen, honoured student torch leaders for the asian youth games (AYG), actually said something like that *roll eyes*

ok, i get it, they're young students - innocent, speak their mind, no PR training, no pretence etc. but come on.. if she's going to be quoted on national TV for that ONE statement, of all things she had to say that? *duh*

if you have some 3 mins. to spare.. watch the live video clip on channel news asia website.

click on the following live stream from the site:

singapore - 29 jun: Day two of torch relay ceremony takes AYG flame to 45 schools
(sit through the 9 second commercial, then watch closely the brief interview from time 3:03 onwards)

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