Wednesday, June 03, 2009

barbie doll - revisited

i was out shopping with mum this past weekend, passed by the takashimaya toy fair, and decided to check it out. there was a pretty impressive selection of barbie dolls - dolls, clothes, accessories and all - near the entrance, and on closer inspection, i noticed most of them were not the regular kiddish barbie dolls but more like "collectors' series".

priced between SGD60 - 200 per doll (some even made of porcelain not plastic), i'm pretty sure these are marketed at the grown-ups. it was really interesting checking out those dolls, more like walking around a barbie doll museum than a toy fair... and i never knew there were sooooo many different types/genre of barbie dolls ever made!

spotted at the fair were the original teenage fashion model barbie, the 50th anniversary barbie, generations of dreams barbie (her dress is really cool!), kate spade barbie (wow! i wonder if there's a COACH barbie too), the 2009 star trek barbie and ken, elvis and priscilla wedding set, marilyn monroe barbie, etc. and many more. if i had lots of money, i'd create my very own barbie and ken doll museum... that'll be really cool.

right on our way out, we saw this collection of "birthstone beauties" barbie dolls and i actually wanted one. unfortunately (or shall i say, fortunately) i couldn't find the miss opal (october) barbie on the shelves, i even asked the sales assistant about it.. hehehe.. but they're sold out. *phew* otherwise you'd probably see me standing in queue at the cashier amidst the 5-year-olds :P

oh well, i wonder when i'll ever really grow up.

check out some really impressive barbie doll collections (and all about her history, trivia and such) on the barbie collector website. also, if you ever decide to start your own barbie collection, don't forget to read up on the various labels and production numbers too.

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