Monday, June 15, 2009

i love this TV commercial

every once in a while, some TV commercial just catches your attention and makes you smile/laugh. recently, this particular one stood out in the crowd, i love it! lol.

(courtesy of biglebowskiwalter on youtube)

reminds me of their older commercial - the one with jennifer anniston in it.

both funny in a witty, tasteful way, unexpected twist at the end. makes you smile.

i wonder if this commercial (the walk-in heineken fridge one) appeals as much to the guys as it does to the female audiences? ;)


Anonymous said...

haha....this is an excellent commercial. Well done to whoever the creative house is for this. I still can't help laughing each time I look at it... Irene

celest said...

yes, indeed :) great works are appreciated by all.