Thursday, June 18, 2009

new - benefit crescent row fragrances

these cocktail mixer-like fragrances are just too delectable to resist. i have no clue yet how good or desirable these scents really are but the bottle and packaging sure got me sold - makes me wanna just reach through the screen and grab them all! :) look at how the packaging/box even opens up to detailed dollhouse-like prints on the inside! oh la la!

benefit cosmetics have some of the cutest and most whimsical cosmetics/beauty products packaging ever. though i didn't exactly like any of their previous scents such as maybe baby or b-spot, i do have some hopes on this new range. i mean.. look at them, they're just too pretty to be missed! and since there are 3 to choose from, chances of getting at least one right is pretty high, isn't it? ;)

undecided on which scent might work best for you, let
this quiz give you a hint.
my quiz result shows that laugh with me lee lee should be my pick *shrugs* - i'm personally drawn to something about sofia from the descriptions of the notes though...

priced at USD36 each for 30ml, i say go get them all!

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