Tuesday, January 19, 2010

flaunt your assets to get free drinks...

wow. what do you think of this?
some publicity stunt.. lol.

club offers free drinks based on bra sizes

"there are two judges, a man and a woman, who visually determine each woman's cup size. A women with an A cup would get one free drink, a B cup would get two, a C cup would get three, and a woman with a D cup gets a free bottle of vodka."

and yes.. this is a Singapore club.

i don't think i'd be that desperate for a free drink but if you've got assets you're proud of, what's stopping you from claiming your free vodka or two anyway? ;) and if you're not thrilled by the gimmick, just don't go to there *shrugs*.


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! I wonder what I'd get for my 'H' cup?...DRUNK?hahahahaha

celest said...

lol.. "H" cup, wow!
they would have to serve you a whole barrel! haha..