Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sweets for your sweet...

i don't think i've seen these around in Singapore before but i could definitely see this become a big hit at least during the holidays or festive seasons eg. valentine's day, easter, birthdays, bridal/baby showers etc.

priced from CAD15.99 (small gift box) to CAD280 (bulk gift box) or so.. these decorative sugar cubes are certainly not cheap. but just imagine how each of these delicate designs were painstakingly handcrafted, definitely a novelty gift worth splurging on for one of those special personal occasions, a corporate event or a pampering treat for your chi-chi tea parties.

i'm not a huge sugar fan (i always ask for less sugar in my drinks) but these just look soo pretty, such a pity if i don't share this along :)

check out other very pretty hand-designed sweets and cookies here, and some amazing sugar sculptures too!

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