Friday, January 22, 2010

so, McDonald's brought the pig back..

those of you who have heard of the controversy (and the Hong Lim Park protest) on how McDonald's Singapore had removed the "pig" doraemon toy from its original family of 12 zodiac sign animals, and their reasons for doing so... latest update: the pig is now BACK on the menu! (only in mid-april 2010).

McDonald's Singapore actually placed a print advertisement in today's Straits Times to express their apologies for that.

find out more on Straits
and see more pictures of the now famous piggie here :)


maameemoomoo said...

this is what i call " THINK TOO MUCH!" :P

Guess they must have really thought hard about it before deciding to replace the Pig. Bet they didn't see the big hoo-haa coming! said...

oh wow! i wish they had this at US MacDonalds! I love zodiac!

celest said...

@maameemoomoo: yes, I don't think any of my Muslim
colleagues cared whether the pig was on the toy list, as long as the food is prepared in the right manner. oh well, "think too much" indeed :) thanks for visiting my blog. if you really like the zodiac set, go look up "McDonald's doraemon zodiac" on i've seen people sell them online (at a higher priced though) :)