Saturday, January 09, 2010

the OCBC birthday cake story...

this story was featured in today's Straits Times, so i guess most of us in Singapore would have already read about it somehow. it is actually quite funny...

when i first saw the OCBC "sunday banking" TV commercial, i thought it was a tad bit exagerrative too, but i guess most people (including the OCBC folks) wouldn't have thought that someone would really act upon it and take the commercial at face value.

i applaud Kitchen Tigress' guts (and her mischievous streak) in challenging the bank for the fulfilment of the birthday cake. a bold lady she is and it is funny reading the story. this perhaps would send a gentle reminder to advertisers to be careful in promising what they cannot or are unwilling to deliver.

i personally don't quite agree with the tone of that blog post though..

anyway, now i wonder if this will encourage more people to visit OCBC everyday to ask for their birthday surprise too?

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