Monday, April 12, 2010

3rd Sephora Singapore store coming to Great World City!

*woohoo*.. i'm really excited that Sephora Singapore will soon be opening their 3rd store at Great World City (GWC) next to Zara on level 1! this is fantastic news because i can literally walk to GWC!! hehehe *happy dance*

just read about it on rouge deluxe, makeupstash and makeup&me, looks like news have been going around for several weeks now, i'm just slow on this. ok, my wallet may not be that happy.. but the idea of having a Sephora store so near my home is just too inviting ;)

honestly, Sephora has always been a must-go stop whenever i visited USA in the past years, i don't always buy tons of things there but it's just such a makeup/skincare/fragrance shopping haven for all ladies (at least for those of us who are crazy over them)... wide floor space, rich variety of products, freedom to walk around and try out everything without being closely tailed by sales assistants, plus access to all the unique brands that were (back then) not available here at home! so even on occasions when i ended up buying nothing from the store, the shopping experience in there was enough to perk me up (well yes, i'm a true blue shopaholic) :P

anyway, just wanna share the good news.. in case some of you, like me, aren't aware of this yet. looks like the GWC grand opening will be happening very soon (late-April)... who knows, the next time my friend and i go watch a movie at GWC, we'll be able to pop by the brand new Sephora store there! such a happy thought *swoon*... :D

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