Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i shredded a CD today! :)

call me a country bumpkin, it never occurred to me before that you can actually shred a CD (or DVD).

we've recently added a fellowes paper shredder in our office and some of us have been using it to shred up old project archives and confidential documents.

i haven't been using it much until last night when i had to shift from my old desk to another one at the opposite end of the office, so i spent quite some time throwing out old project files and ended up with thick loads of paper to shred. it's actually quite enjoyable and therapeutic to use the shredder. the simple repetitive action of feeding the shredder and then seeing everything turn into tiny colourful strips of paper, who would have expected it to be so much fun and even an outlet to de-stress and allow the mind a little break? :)

this morning, as i was shredding the last bits of paper i have (i suspect i might be mildly addicted after last night *grin*), removing all staples before feeding the shredder, my colleague walked by and told me that i didn't have to do that, the shredder would break down the staples too. i was quite skeptical about that, wouldn't the metal bits spoil the machine? but that's when i found out that the shredder could even shred up CDs! wow!

feeling excited, i just had to try it to believe it. so we went around the office and found an old unwanted CD. there's a plastic cover near the feeder of the shredder, flip it over and there's a tinier slot customised for CDs and credit cards (looks very similar to the thin slot where you insert a CD into an iMac). so i gathered a few other interested colleagues near the shredder and started feeding the CD through the slot. it was instantly garbled up by the shredder - "clark.. clurk clark.. " it went. not the most pleasant sound to the ears but it's just so so cool! wow. i shredded my first CD today! :)

i even pulled open the trash bin to examine how the CD looked like after it's shredded.. just like broken pieces of glasses or crystals. sparkly.


maameemoomoo said...

i is country bumpkin too.

I wanna hear the 'clurk clark clurkkkk'!

celest said...

hahaha.. one of these days you should come by my office and i'll show you.. hehe ;)