Thursday, April 15, 2010

cozycot's free newspaper available today!

wow.. cozycot seems to have evolved so much over the years, doing pretty well.. they have just launched their very own "newspaper", available at various locations nationwide from 15 april 2010 (that's today!)

hmm.. i'm definitely curious what goes into their first newspaper, shall see if i can get hold of a copy this week. any of you with easy access to it, please don't forget me ;)

available at the following locations and times:

btw, cozycot is also launching a paid membership card this saturday, 17 apr, 11:00am (singapore time) at Orchard Central... looks like quite some new initiatives from them.
check out the teaser ad. here :) given the huge following on cozycot forums, this can be quite successful.

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CozyCot is quite something these days huh?