Thursday, April 01, 2010

happy easter!

yay for long weekend! we all love long weekends, don't we?
and since it's easter this sunday, i continued a little tradition that i'd started back in 2007 at my workplace.

the annual easter eggs hunt for everyone in the office! :D

every year, on the last workday before Good Friday, i would secretly hide little pouches or plastic eggs filled with cute easter chocolates and candies all around the office - behind window blinds, above cabinets & shelves, inside baskets, in odd corners, above signages etc. - each personalised with a colleague's name so no one gets left out :)

it certainly takes more time to prepare these surprises now, as the company strength grows over the years... but it's just so much fun, it's totally worth it! i enjoy every bit planning and hiding the eggs as much as the folks go bonkers hunting them down.. hehehe.

happy easter!

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