Sunday, April 11, 2010

this is such a cute sweater...

i know it's warm and humid here, not exactly the best time to be looking at a sweater purchase... but this is soooo cute, i would order it in a heart beat! the rugby-striped shawl collar sweater from Gap - love the shawl collar, roll-up sleeves and thick stripes :)

besides, the price is now marked down from USD54.50 to USD17.99, what's not to love about it? unfortunately, the smaller sizes are all sold out (in both colours), i would have loved to get my hands on the grey-stripe version... looks so pretty, cozy and stylish. definitely a fashionable, versatile piece that's warm and chic at the same time!

hmm.. maybe i should drop by our local Gap stores to see if i get lucky...
hope Gap will bring this back soon in earth tones.. or pink, coral shades ;)

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