Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"melt-away stress promise" found on a bus ride

i was standing idly on the bus yesterday morning, on my way to work. listening to my iTunes on the iPhone and eyes wandering around the bus, out to the busy streets outside the windows and then back to the interior of the bus.. (yea, i know, the usual routine almost all passengers go through everyday on a typical public bus ride).

then my gaze landed on these handrail advertisements - you know, one of those door-hangers ads. they place on the metal handrails on the ceiling of the bus. i took one off to read, found it quite interesting and very apt to ease off the Monday stress especially after a long Vesak Day weekend before.

it made me smile, so i kept it. and thought i'd share :)
i think i can definitely do some of those listed everyday, just to unwind.

ps: the gentleman seated nearby got curious and took one off the railings after me too.. hehe.. peer advertising.

The Johnson'Melt Away Stress Promise
I promise to do at least one or two of these things for myself every day:

1. I will talk my problems out with friends or family.

I will not skip my workout - exercise creates happy endorphins.
. I will relax in the shower, not just wash.
. I will smile more.
. I will not spread myself too thin.
. I will learn to accept what I cannot change.
. I will ask for help when I need it.
. I will breathe deeply and visualize calm.
. I will not be ruled by my to-do list.
. I will not be perfect. Or even try to be.
. I will not think about work when outside my workplace.
. I will not constantly worry about what others think of me.
. I will learn to say 'no'.
. I will schedule time for myself.
. I will take up a relaxing new hobby.

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