Sunday, April 02, 2006

homey sunday

it's a stay-home sunday today. my parents went to china for holiday on friday, will be back in 9 days' time... so meanwhile, i have the whole place to myself (brother is in army camp, only comes back over the weekends). brother was home since friday evening and had just left for camp... so my home-alone time officially starts now.

mum seldom cooks even when she's home, we usually eat take-aways. so since she's not home this weekend, i decided to whip up a small meal :) went grocery shopping yesterday at ntuc fairprice, got about $30 worth of food supplies (enough to last 2 whole weekends for me and brother). i love cooking, though i don't do that often... it's just much easier and convenient to go downstairs for take-aways.

anyway, i don't usually post pictures of what i cooked, so this is a first, my dear readers :) 2 dishes for today - nothing fantastic, but yummy enough by my own standards. brother liked them too - but he's not a fussy eater to begin with ;p

for lunch - stir-fried pasta baked with shredded cheese

for dinner - curry mix-a-lot (all my fav. ingredients in it)

i always like variety when it comes to food, so i love to dice up all my fav. ingredients and throw them into whatever i cook - soup, noodles, pasta, porridge :P well, you can see for yourself in the pics. above - haha... there're bits of sausages, crabsticks, mixed peas-n-carrots, meatballs, fish tofu, tomatoes etc... my curry literally looks like a steamboat *lol* - FYI, there are 2 chicken drubsticks hidden in the pot too ;)

not too bad erh? *wink*

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