Thursday, April 27, 2006

kitkat sequel

finally went to buy the cherry blossom and lemon cheesecake kitkats at cold storage on monday. tried 1 stick of each today - shared the rest with my colleagues and mum.. (simply too sinful to finish all by myself.. hehe).

pretty packaging - both flavours turned out pretty alright, not as yucky as some girls reviewed on cozycot. i prefer the lemon cheesecake kitkat (which really tasted like kong guan lemon puff biscuits) over the cherry blossom one. first bite of the cherry blossom kitkat reminded me of cough syrup... but the taste was quite mild, so still acceptable. plus it's not as sweet as the strawberry kitkat i had tasted before. all in all, i'd still go for the original/ chunky kitkat over these special edition ones - just tried for fun. oh btw, someone passed around the tangerine-flavoured kitkat 2 years ago in the office (i think it was launched during halloween) and that was quite good too, i liked it! :)

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