Sunday, April 23, 2006

meet mr handsome :)

i've been swamped at work the past 2 weeks, working straight past 10pm almost every night. that explains the lack of posts here. anyway, it's going to be a short one today - i have more work to finish before i go to bed. just wanted to show off mr handsome *smile*... isn't he sweet?

i bought this furry friend at the estee lauder warehouse sale 2 weeks ago. most people buy makeup and fragrances at EL sale, but just look at him... how could i resist adding him to my shopping bag? hehehehe.

meet mr. handsome - this bear was previously given away as a gift-with-purchase (gwp) with aramis fragrance at the departmental stores. i brought him home from the sale for S$15, along with my quite "controlled" makeup haul.

ps: btw, i have pictures of S. wearing a leather jacket and sunshades just like mr. handsome... hehehe.. so cute ;) but sorry, i'm not going to post that here for comparison.


Simon Langer said...

Hi, I was surfing the internet and happened on your blog. I'm quite impressed , with how this all works. This is one to watch.

Best wishes,

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celest said...

thanks for your compliment, simon. glad you enjoyed this :)