Sunday, April 30, 2006

2nd-time voter

next saturday, 6th of may - is singapore elections day.
the nomination results released 3 days ago confirmed that my constituency (under the jalan besar GRC) gets to vote: PAP vs. SDA

this will be my 2nd time voting.
my first was in 2001, shortly after i turned 22 years old.

my brother is the first-time voter this election. coincidentally, he just turned 22 last month too.... how interesting! think mum should go buy the 4D-number 2222... hehe.

dr. lily neo, kim seng constituency's MP (minister of parliament) was here to do housecalls half an hour ago. my parents were not around, so brother and i met her for a brief handshake on behalf of our family. the whole convoy, dressed in top-to-toe white (a PAP practice) greeted everyone smiley-faced, urging residents to vote for them.

ps: i just realised that jalan besar GRC (made up of 5 constituencies) has the lowest number of eligible voters - 93,025 - amongst all other GRCs... hmm, interesting. details here

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carolyn said...

I still do not have the chance to vote *pout*.

Finally Aljunied GRC is contested and then I found out my home is now under Marine Parade GRC due to the electoral boundary change made in March 2006.

And we all know Marine Parade GRC is a walkover since SM Goh is there. Sigh, still no idea which ward I am in, so no idea who is the MP :(