Saturday, April 15, 2006

"have a break, have a kitkat"....

check out the latest addition (special/ limited edition) to the kitkat family - cherry blossom kitkat! i must admit that i'm the biggest sucker for cutesy packaging, and i succumb to all girly bright loud marketing campaigns... hehehe. check out the current kitkat singapore website, and you'll know what i mean.

having said that, nope... i have yet to try the new cherry blossom kitkat - but i think i will quite soon :) i want the collectibles too!! they're so pretty! i love these chocolates & candies mega manufacturers for their creativity and innovation to keep up with trends. eg. custom-print M&Ms, herseys, ever-reinventive kitkat flavours.... they make our lives so much more interesting, colourful, fun and sweet :) in conjunction with this cherry blossom kitkat launch, nestle even came out with a "exam good luck kit"... cuz the words "kitkat" sounds like "kitto katsu" in japanese, which means "sure-win". cool!

i never knew there were sooooo many different kitkat flavours ever produced! check out the links at the bottom of this post - w-o-w! there's even a "herseys kitkat" version! unfortunately, many of those never made it to our shores :(

ok ok, i will go buy the "lemon cheesecake" and "cherry blossom" kitkat tomorrow :)

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carolyn said...

Kit Kat always comes up with many different versions. I remembered the mint and orange-flavored kit kat.

For now, I like the peanut butter kit kat, and the dark chocolate kit kat. Strawberry is also nice.

Feed me (good) chocolate, anything will be fantastic! Hehe.