Monday, October 09, 2006

9 october - #109

today is 9th october 2006, my birthday. specially lined up my blog entries in a way that my 109th entry on this blog falls exactly on this day too :) time flies, it's been 10 months 9 days since i posted my first words on here - who would have thought i could last this long. so many things have happened in this course of 10 months - not a long time, yet not too short either, just quite a few unexpected big changes in life....

birthdays are really nothing of a big deal, perhaps just adds pressure on your friends who feel they have to give you a treat or buy you something. actually, i think we're all so caught up with our own life and work, daily chores.... a birthday gives long-lost friends, close buddies, loved ones and even people you didn't expect to remember - a chance to drop a note, say "hi, you are in my thoughts", to celebrate, to show that you matter. i have received many SMS greetings today from friends, ex-tuition kids' family, ex-schoolmates, former colleagues, cozycotters etc. thanks to all of you - i am having a joyful day today :) i've got a special japanese dinner treat at CHIJMES tonight too, thank you! of course, not forgetting the all-girls-get-together come friday evening too :) really appreciate all your kind gestures - don't wanna sound mushy, but THANKS LOTS!

another year has passed... before i get too old to admit my own age, i can still make this announcement - i am officially 27 years old this year :) not exactly that old yet.... but certainly not too young to start achieving something in life.

in the new year ahead, i just want to:
- be good to myself
- be happy
- be loved
- be healthy
- be adequately successful
- be wiser
- visit some new places
- learn new things
- stay in touch with good ol' buddies
- catch up with old friends
- spend quality time with family & loved ones
(ps: doesn't harm to lose some flab, be more sexy too *lol*)

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jasmine said...

happy belated birthday! made a mental note to sms u yesterday... but no excuses i guess. sorri for being late... ;p

celest said...

hehehe... thank you :)