Monday, October 02, 2006

chilli-tuna-prata something....

after reading sherie's blog entry on her tuna puff, i suddenly felt like having home-made prata. i remember one of my ex-colleagues once told us how he could prepare the DIY prata-sausage-wrap and eat that consecutively for an entire week!

anyway, i went grocery shopping at ntuc fairprice today and grabbed a 5-piece plain roti prata pack from the frozen-food section. the brand is "spring home" - S$2.20 for 5-piece pack, S$5.95 for the more economical family pack of 20's.

i wasn't in the mood to make my own fillings, so for a quick fix, i bought a can of ready-made chilli tuna flakes for my prata wrap. there are 2 ways to prepare the prata - (i) pan-fry, (ii) oven-bake. not sure whether my toaster oven would work, so i went for the pan-fry option. this is how it looks like (see pic. below). i won't call this a wrap, can't even call it a puff or pastry.... well, i guess it's just my
chilli-tuna-filled-prata something ;)

p-l-e-a-s-e do not compare my prata with sherie's professionally-done baked tuna puff. hers is a fluffy, creamy, perfectly baked pastry (anything she bakes always look so professional anyway). mine's pan-fried, remember? so naturally it looks.... like the regular roti prata! *lol*. next time i'll try using my toaster oven to see if i can bake something out of the frozen prata. i still have 4 slices of prata + another can of curry-tuna-flakes in the kitchen cabinet ;)


carolyn said...

So was it nice? Have never tried the frozen prata before. No one can compared to Sherie in terms of the cooking and baking skills. Hehe. She is our resident "domestic goddess" :p

celest said...

think i should skip the butter next time. i thought the frozen dough was a bit sticky, so spread some butter on the pan before frying but turned out tad bit too oily. other than that, it tastes just like regular prata - good and crispy when hot. yes, sherie-our-all-time-domestic-goddess ;)

^cherie said...

Aiyoh.. please don't say that!! *hide* I seriously still am a amateur baker / cook.

The result of my tuna puff 'prata' must be because of the oven ah, not skill ;)

Celeste, bet u'll get the same result if u were to try it with your toaster oven :D