Saturday, October 14, 2006

samsung mp3 player: k5

this entry is dedicated to those of you who are crazy over gadgets esp. mp3 players ;) the well-known korean brand, samsung, has yet again set their mark higher by introducing this new mp3 player that comes with a slideable speaker (first of its kind).

not quite as sleek in comparison to apple's ipod nano but in my opinion, samsung k5 belongs to quite a different league of its own anyway. comes only in black at the moment, this cool-looking mp3 player features touch-pad control buttons, photo slideshow, FM radio, alarm clock and a 30-hour battery life - pretty impressive! oh, and check out these hair-dryer-like earphones... looks interesting :)

this baby will be available in singapore from late october 2006 onwards.
going for S$338 (2gb) and S$438 (4gb) respectively.

check out the k5's singapore-interactive site, pretty cool.

reviews & more details can be found on: hardwarezone

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