Sunday, October 08, 2006

little surprises...

little pre-birthday surprises from friends & loved ones...

i) my first birthday celebration this year:
- dinner with my parents & brother @ 鼎泰丰 DinTaiFung - paragon last weekend.

ii) my first birthday card this year (you know who you are):
- a really funny e-greeting from -hoops & yoyo (really made me laugh).

iii) my first birthday cake this year (from my brother, totally unexpected!):
- lemon cream-chiffon fruit cake from bengawan solo

iv) my first birthday present this year:
- a pair of french kitty earrings i'd been searching around for.

*BIG SMILE*.... there're still 4 more mins. to go before my birthday itself, and i've already received these kind gestures from people who take time to show they care. i'm not trying to show off, just wanna say THANK YOU, truly :)


^cherie said...

Happy happy birthday Celeste *huggies*

Hope to see u on Friday ;)

celest said...

thanks sherie! :) yup... see ya on friday!