Sunday, October 15, 2006

yahoo! mail beta - try it now.

if you love the fuss-free navigation of your emails with MS outlook or outlook express, then the new yahoo! mail beta version will surely score points with you.

packed with new features such as drag & drop mail-navigation, reading pane, enhanced security protection, keyboard shortcuts, rss feeds etc., i like what yahoo! has done to up their competitiveness against other web-based email providers.

as this is the "beta" version, i guess it's still in testing and not rolled-out to every account yet, but as long as you have a yahoo! email account, you can log on with this URL anytime - go ahead, try it out! :)

small complaint: there is just no way to close the "tips" help section on the right-hand navigation column... kinda distracting and takes up too much screen space, only thing that annoys me for now. perhaps it'll be taken away once the beta version is officially launched.


carolyn said...

Didn't dare to try it as I have problems with my hotmail after I switched to the beta mail version. Can't switch back now cos I will lose the current storage size. Sigh.

Anyway, I am happy with the current yahoo mail too :)

celest said...

haha.. ok, i have no problems with the beta mail.
well, if hotmail caused you problems, then better stay put :P