Sunday, October 15, 2006

BBQ-pork-filled-prata something...

2 weeks ago, i tried to pan-fry the frozen prata and got myself the "chilli-tuna-prata something". today, my mum bought some BBQ-pork from the char-siew-rice stall and we had leftovers, so i figured it's time to finish up my last 3 pieces of frozen prata in the freezer.

this time, i decided to give my toaster oven a try. i diced the char siew (BBQ-pork) and spooned them onto the frozen prata, half-folded the pastry and then put the oven to work. i guess the reason a toaster oven is called a toaster oven, is simply because it's meant for t-o-a-s-t-s, not so ideal for prata, pastries, puffs or cakes. the crust just ends up either too white or too black (burnt), hard to get anything in between.. :P

nonetheless, i find today's "BBQ-pork-filled-prata something" much more successful (and less oily) than my earlier chilli-tuna pan-fried version. certainly still nowhere close to sherie's beautifully golden-glazed bakery-standard tuna-puffs... but i guess this is the best me (and my toaster oven) can achieve for now ;)

looks aside, i do like how this thing tastes... :9 my mum and brother liked it too.
oh, and i did try a rolled version (3rd image), kinda cute.


^cherie said...

Looks can be deceiving. I know that long time ago. Lol.

Wow, it must have tasted like char siew soh yeah? Esp the rolled version. Yums!

celest said...

hehehe... yea, tasted just like char siew soh :)
agree that looks can be deceptive, but yours was still way better - no fight *lol*