Saturday, March 17, 2007

nordies dresses - spring/summer 2007

it's time of the year when nordstrom comes up with their gorgeous collection of spring/summer dresses again! i always enjoy browsing through their online catalogue and get inspired seeing how pretty those dresses look on the models :D

posted some of my favourites above, don't they just look sooo sweet and elegant? oooh... absolutely feminine!

some more...
ps: sherie/carolyn - i think you ladies will love some of these dresses too ;)


^cherie said...


Because of this entry of yours, i ended up buying 2 dresses from Nordstrom! Lol.

But really, their prices are way too expensive y'know.. :(

celest said...

lol.. i KNEW you'd love those!
so which 2 dresses did you get? updated on your blog too? ;)

yes, their dresses are pricey... but they're designer labels afterall. good for you!

carolyn said...

Temptress Celest! I like some of the dresses. Still trying to be on shopping ban (what ban :p). Lol.

^cherie said...


sure sure.. will upload the pics of the dress that i bought :)