Sunday, March 11, 2007

DIY chocolates

sometime in january this year, i bought a big packet of dark chocolate bits from tangs for my chocolate fondue set. in the past 3 months, my fairly new fondue set has already been to 2 - 3 house-parties (including our chinese new year reunion dinner at my aunt's place last month), and it's always been a hit! :)

of course, now that the year-end holidays seaon is over, i find myself left with too much chocolate bits in the kitchen cabinet (about 500 - 600grams). can't possibly make my family sit around and have chocolate fondue everyday, so here's what i tried to do this evening...

i melted some chocolate bits, scooped them into paper moulds, added some raisins and assorted nuts, and then chilled them in the fridge. here's how the mini-experiment turned out:

not too bad, erh?
because the original bits are made of pure dark chocolate, they don't taste sickeningly sweet. only problem is that the chocolates melt very fast (because they're supposed to be easily-melted for fondue dips), so it literally melts between your fingers if you hold one for more than 3 seconds :P other than that, it's pretty alright. hmm.. next time i'll play around with other toppings or add flavours like mint/hazelnut/cinnamon mix to the melted chocolate. gotta wait till the do-something-different-in-the-kitchen mood strikes again ;)


^cherie said...

Wah.. yums! Maybe next time u can try adding abit of butter. say 1 tbsp of it so that it wont melt so fast?

celest said...

ahh.. so that's the trick? ok, thanks! i'll try that next time, thanks "shifu" ;)