Saturday, March 10, 2007

red alert! :)

i've always been quite adventurous when it comes to colours - and that's pretty apparent in the way i dress, my accessories, bags and such etc. some of my friends welcome the "loudness", while some others (one girlpal in particular)... well let's just say the colours are too blinding for her *lol*. nonetheless, here's sharing my recent favourite buys in one of the all-time-girly shade - red!

love this polka-dottie bag! somewhat retro, a little "school-girlish", large/roomy enough to lug things around, and goes great with jeans. reminds me of strawberry shortcake, but in a slightly more grown-up version :) i tried to resist this bag when i first saw it in the store, but finally succumbed and bought it the 2nd time i returned and saw it again *tsk tsk*.

then yesterday, i went shopping alone at orchard road after work (uh oh... :P). since i was wearing my red fluffy silk top and red pendant, paired with my red polka-dot bag, i naturally got into the "hunt for red stuff" mood - everything red and bright seemed to appeal to me :P ended up with this ooh-too-cute pair of red/white checked flat pumps. so pretty!! makes me happy :D


^cherie said...

Nice. I like!

celest said...

thank you... i like them lots too! ;)