Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yay! my first ipod shuffle!!!

today i received my very first, very own MP3 player - an ipod shuffle (1gb)!
yea, i know i'm so super late to the ipod-party... and also ironically, one of the last person in my family to own one.

my brother was the first person to own an MP3 player - also an ipod shuffle, but the older generation 512mb version (his 21st birthday gift from me). earlier this month, my dad received his first MP3 player - a less funky creative MuVo 100 - his birthday gift from me too. guess good things do come to nice people afterall.. hehe.. cuz i too, didn't have to pay a single cent for my new-found-love :)

it's totally unexpected - our company had our regular internal progress meeting in the office this morning. after a brief 1-hr session, our boss went around the room and got each of us to pick out a number from a plastic bag - he said it's "lucky draw". we never had this before, so we're all pretty skeptical at that thought. to our surprise, boss and his wife whipped out 6 brand new ipod shuffles and gave each of them, according to the number we drew, to us! they bought all the colours available - i got the silver one... my other colleagues got metallic pink, blue, green and orange. i wish i had gotten a coloured one instead (would so love the pink!)... but that's not a big deal, i'm really thrilled with my silver baby too - it's versatile! besides, i'm pretty sure i'd get myself one of those cute interchangeable-cases or accessories for it in no time ;)

it wasn't for any particular reason, my boss and his wife were shopping the other day and just decided to surprise us with a nice gift! wow! aren't we just lucky or what? :) *thank you*

always thought i didn't really need an MP3 player, so kept putting off the thought of getting one for myself... but now that i have my very own ipod shuffle - it's such a compact and tiny clip-on - i'd be sure to lug it around with me all the time!

now please excuse me, while i go upload some fun music onto my shuffle :D


carolyn said...

Very kind of your bosses :) Enjoy your shuffle.

celest said...

yup! i'm enjoying it so far, have already started listening to it on my bus rides :) my colleague who got the pink shuffle even doubled it up as a hair-clip when she tunes in at her desk *lol*.. funny.

^cherie said...

Lucky girl you too! Lol..

Your collegue so funny.. hahaa.

Eh, u're definitely not super late ok? I, me, still do not own one :P

^cherie said...

Oh, forgot to add, tagged you! :)

celest said...

haha.. thanks sherie.
just answered your tag - now it's on to carolyn's turn ;)