Sunday, March 11, 2007

the old-world charm of the 1920s...

the crystal mirror has premiered in singapore this past friday, and it'll be here until 15 april. i soooo wanna watch this, i mean look at the glamour, poshness of the mirrored-tents, the interior decor, the table-settings - WOW! all look impressively stunning!!

"In the resplendent setting of an antique “Mirror Tent” from the 1920s, acrobats, singers, comedians, musicians and eccentric wait staff – along with a 4 course gourmet dinner designed by internationally acclaimed star chefs – come together to deliver an evening that moves between dreamy poetry and breakneck pandemonium." (extract from the crystal mirror website)


if only the ticket pricing is just a slight bit more.. ehem.. pocket-friendly :P
i've always wanted to experience one of these "dinner theatre" fine-cuisine/ entertainment shows. it's just so.. classy, poshy, showy :) my very fortunate colleague got to watch the show with her mum for free (sponsored by her mum's business associate) - *envy*...

now let me go sleep over this and seriously consider whether it's something worth indulging in *sigh*.

show dates: 9 mar - 15 apr 2007
where: the padang, singapore
ticket price: S$159 - 350 (
official website:


^cherie said...


If only i check your blog in the morning, i wouldn't have booked other tickets from Sistic just now!

celest said...

so glam, right? :)
so which other ticket did you book from sistic?

^cherie said...

Answer is in my blog. Just updated! Hehe :P