Saturday, December 20, 2008

countdown to Christmas: 5 more days...

ok.. i have to admit, i actually found this under the kids' section on the website... but which woman (no matter how old you are) doesn't still have that little girl in her? ;)

this set of gela & pam dolls (US$110) is just soooo pinky frilly ruffly and oh so dolly. it would look 100% cute on her dressing table or in a glass cabinet of collectibles... so how could any fashionista who loves anything juicy couture resist this? :) take a closer look and you'll see a mini replica of the juicy couture fragrance bottle in the centre of the backdrop. too adorable.

top up your gift with one of these juicy couture holiday cards, and your package is perfect to go!

more.. kids' items here ;)

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