Wednesday, December 17, 2008

countdown to Christmas: 8 more days...

this has got to be one of the simplest yet most brilliant gift idea of all!

perfumes make very nice gifts, but unless you have a very good idea what type of scents your gift-recipient likes, you could end up with a seriously wrong choice that would just be chucked aside or end up as toilet spray :P

sephora has the perfect solution to this - the
sephora fragrance gift certificate.

  • what do you get: a fragrance gift certificate and a pre-grouped mix of 8 - 10 different fragrances (in miniatures or sample vials only)
  • what to choose from: 4 differents sets for ladies (new classics for her - US$70; deluxe fragrance - US$70; trendsetters for her - US$50; best sellers for her - US$50) and 1 set for men (best sellers for him - US$50)
  • how much do you pay: US$50 - 70
  • what do you do: sample the fragrances and choose your favourite scent, then fill in the enclosed voucher, and bring it to your local sephora store to redeem a full-size fragrance (i believe it's 30ml/1fl oz.) that you've chosen.
this way, your gift-recipient gets to choose his/her own favourite scent in full-size, and still keep the miniature or sample vials of the other perfumes. great for travelling too!

if you can't think of anyone to send this to, get it for yourself! :)

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