Saturday, December 06, 2008

sweet dreams begin with sweet-print PJs :)

i mostly wear one-piece slip-on cotton/satin sleep-dresses to bed, other times it's the top + shorts PJ sets from women'secret. i love PJs, especially the feminine and cutesy printed ones - give me that warm, cozy tranquility perfect for bedtime :) (btw, check out the new collection from women'secret - some of the sets that come with room-socks and carrier bags are just sooo adorable. they even have the "mr. men and little miss" collection too - interestingly, this range of products suddenly seem to be popping up everywhere, collaborating with so many brands, labels and even shopping malls.)

anyway, back to the topic...

full-length PJs are not very practical for singapore's weather, especially since my bedroom is not air-conditioned. but i still
do wear them once in a while during the cooler november - january months, and i usually pack at least one set in my suitcase whenever i travel - gets me into the perfect holiday mood :)

la senza is now having a holiday sale, and thanks to a friend's discount card, i managed to get my new PJs at a pretty reasonable price :) i didn't realise there are so many different designs and prints to choose from, plus this season's colours and prints are all my favourite ones! the pinks/browns/pastels, and polka-dots/cupcakes/doggies etc... so pretty, so hard to decide... i just wanted to buy everything in store!
but of course i didn't, gotta be a good girl - limited myself to just the "2-for-a-special-price" promotion.

so here are my first PJs from la senza (naughty festive monkeys and sweet pink scotties)... very pleased to have them, so girly-pinky-sweetie-pie-ish... shall keep them for Christmas and Chinese New Year nights :)

i also really like the "jujube dots", "retro pup" and pink "festive monkey" prints (shown below), will definitely be back for more the next time i need new PJs :)

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