Sunday, December 07, 2008

must-watch movies...

this list is to remind myself of the current/upcoming movies i wanna watch - and also to inform friends who wanna watch these films to please ask me along :)

1. the women

2. four christmases (typical holiday film)
3. australia (hugh jackman - people magazine's "sexiest man alive 2008"...)
4. marley and me (watch the trailer, the part where they had to stop the car cuz marley partially lept out of the window was funny :D oh and if you like it, adopt a virtual marley for your facebook profile too)
5. the visitor
6. the duchess (i'm still on the fence about this)

top on my list is the upcoming diane english's "the women", somewhat resembles "sex and the city" (it's always about 3 -4 women, isn't it? just like "lipstick jungle", "cashmere mafia" etc.) - less flamboyant and "fashionistic", but appealing nonetheless. i guess stories that wrap around the lives of women and their friendships, with lotsa conversations about life, men, shopping, can hardly go wrong. plus, i love meg ryan and debra messing... so what's not to love about this movie? :) a definite "girl's-night-out" flick. the trailer is available on the official movie website and, or simply catch it here:

(courtesy of StrayActingChild on youtube)

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^cherie said...

i wanna watch the women too! Pls ask me along :)