Saturday, July 04, 2009

deprived of my sleep-in-saturday

this post is just my outlet to vent.

i've been working some long hours this past 2 weeks (including last weekend), only got 4 hours of sleep on thursday, somewhat sleep deprived. i was so looking forward to this weekend so i could sleep in late this morning... but even this simple plan got ruined *sigh*

sometimes i hate having a room by the common corridor, makes it easy for everyone else in the family who had forgotten their keys or whatever not to just shout through my bedroom windows and wake me up. it's just not fair.

but that's what my brother did this morning, he forgot his keys on his way out and decided to conveniently wake me up to pass him those keys. I HATE THIS. mum did that last weekend too. *bummer* and now i'm still in desperate need of sleep but just can't go back anymore.

*sigh* *yawn* *sigh*

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