Wednesday, November 11, 2009

kittylab singapore is here (14 - 29 nov 2009)

i stumbled into this website from a golden village enewsletter, and even though i instantly recognised that it has to be something to do with hello kitty, i just couldn't figure out what exactly this kittylab thing is all about...

several google searches later, i finally understood (or at least got a rough idea) that this is an upcoming gaming arcarde-like hello kitty exhibition at the Singapore Expo, organised in celebration of hello kitty's 35th anniversary. visitors will get to shape their own hello kitty character's personality by playing different games through the exhibition stations.

(courtesy of MrFokq on youtube)
the entire course takes approximately 40 mins. to complete.. after which each visitor will get to bring home a little souvenir badge (sorry, NOT the entire kitty doll.. lol) with their own unique kitty personality printed on it.

sounds like quite an interesting concept...

i'm personally not a hello kitty fan, though i do get attracted by some of its pretty merchandise sometimes. given the popularity of hello kitty in asia, plus the year-end school holidays commencing this weekend, i'm sure the exhibition will be a big hit here, just the way it was in its earlier exhibition in Hong Kong.

exhibition details
where: singapore expo hall 1
when: 14 - 29 november 2009
time: 10:00am - 9:00pm
how much: S$35 (adult), S$20 (child - below 12 years old)

official website
facebook link

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