Friday, November 13, 2009

just buns

i had a meeting at client's office this morning, and since I was in the vicinity, offered to buy Choc n' Spice muffins back for my colleagues from Tanjong Pagar Plaza. those muffins have always been a hit in the office, most of us love the not-too-sweet, soft on the inside, slightly charred on the outside texture of the muffins :) not to mention the easy-on-the-pocket prices and variety of flavours too...

anyway, right next to the Choc n' Spice store used to be Chewy Junior - another mini bakery chain that sells some chewy little pastries. today as i was waiting for my muffins to be packed, i noticed that Chewy Junior had been replaced by a new store (but also from the same parent company) Just Buns - petite cinnamon buns with cream toppings (almost like creamy donuts).

you folks know how i love to try new pastries and such *smile*.. and since it's Friday (TGIF mood), i decided to pick up half a dozen mixed flavours for the office too.
these buns are tinier than the traditional cinnamon buns but are surprisingly soft and cinnamony *yumm*.. plus the cream cheese or chocolate toppings add an interesting kick to the overall taste, nice! priced between S$1.00 - S$1.40 each (or S$7.00 for half a dozen), i'll definitely be back for more, especially the next time i'm meeting the same client again :) i personally prefer the savoury melty cheese flavours.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is the only store at the moment, new store opening in january 2010 at 313@Somerset basement :)

ps: just saw on the just buns website that there're some very local flavours -
just chempedak and just durian - too, but didn't see them on display this morning. i'm not a big fan of durians anyway :P

update: as of april - may 2010, the just buns store at Tanjong Pagar Plaza is not longer in operation. check the website for details.


cherie said...

i can't wait to devour these babies!!!! *drooling big time!* :)

celest said...

hehehe.. will try my very best to go Tanjong Pagar to get it fresh on Saturday! :)