Thursday, November 12, 2009

potato spicky

it poured cats and dogs out at lunch today and since none of us had brought an umbrella out, a few colleagues and i took a slightly longer lunch and shopped the minimart near the hawker centre while waiting for the rain to stop (or at least lighten into a drizzle).

you can always find the less common snacks at these neighbourhood minimarts... things you never quite see at the larger supermarkets. today, i randomly picked up a box of these crunchy potato sticks snacks (S$1.30 each) - potato spicky. made in thailand under the glico label, there were 3 different flavours on display - original, cheese and sour cream & onion. more flavours/photos shown on flickr.

i have to admit such snacks are not exactly the wisest of choice for health's sake, but i'm just always curious to try it out anyway.

verdict - it's an instant burst of savoury cheese flavour from the first bite! surprisingly tasty! and i guarantee you won't be able to stop just at one stick :P it's very very yummy (i attribute it to the MSG content, even though i can't read a single thai word on the box). lol. i passed it around and everyone loved it too.

as for me, i'm gonna restrict myself to just this one box, figured it's just too tasty and salty to be good *oops*. but if you have not tried this before, worth doing so at least once. it is really tasty and a tad bit addictive too. some colleagues say it tastes a little like the jack n' jill "roller coaster" potato snacks... only cheesier :) so give it a try and give your own take on it - just drink lots of water after that.

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