Sunday, November 22, 2009

yumm yumm yumm...

i went to paragon's Market Place to pick up a can of whipped cream the other evening (prop for a friend's wedding "gateholding" session in the morning - aka groom and "brothers" sabo games)... and got distracted by the endless shelves of imported snacks and goodies in the tidbits section *oops*.

of course i couldn't resist and just had to pick up a few packs of sin :P lol.
i'd never seen these before, so all the more it's worth the try ;)

item #1 - Alexia crunchy snacks waffle fries:

i'd just opened a pack of the waffle fries (bold & spicy BBQ)... ooh trust me, this tastes AS GOOD as it looks ;) totally yummilicious! and definitely worth the S$4.65 price tag + the 2 million calories on top of that.. hehehe.

i like how the potato chips are thickly sliced into waffle shapes, crispy and heavily seasoned (as with most tempting but so-bad-for-health snacks) yet still leave you with the fragrant and slightly charred potato flavour after the salt and all settle in your mouth. mmmm.. yumm! this is very good indeed.

i'm glad i've still got another pack of the same thing in aged cheddar cheese (doesn't that sound so much better than just "cheddar" or simply "cheese"? lol) and another pack of
Boulder Canyon cooked potato chips in jalapeno cheddar.

so that's quite enough sinful chips for today, i shall review the other two packs another time.

meanwhile, go grab a pack or two at your nearest Market Place. still so many other flavours to try (the onion strips from Alexia crunchy snacks look very interesting too)... now i know what i'll be bringing to the year-end holiday parties this year :)

oh, and if it makes any difference.. the Alexia crunchy snacks supposedly contain "25% less fat than regular chips" :P i always think such comparisons are relative and everyone's claiming they're healthier than other brands etc.... but if we're gonna pop open a pack anyway and if that makes us feel better, then i'll take their word. lol.

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cherie said...

yumsssssssssssss.... i am so not going near these supermarkets!!!

No no no no no!