Friday, November 13, 2009

voce christmas 2009 makeup catalogue

i don't buy as much makeup now as i had at a certain point in my life.. hehe :P i'm sure most.. maybe many.. or at least some women go through that phase anyway, but as you can tell from my blog entries, i still go gaga over them very often, especially those pretty holiday sets or special edition packaging. i may not buy all that i see and fancy but that doesn't take the joy out of browsing through the array of dazzling, sparkly, fluffy and luxurious holiday gift sets aggressively offered by all the big cosmetics and fragrances brands :)

if you enjoy looking at and drooling over pretty makeup sets like me, then you'd definitely appreciate this 2009 Christmas coffret e-book (holiday makeup catalogue) from japanese magazine - voce :)

have fun!

ps: nope, i don't read japanese language either but it's the pictures that count, isn't it?

source: rouge deluxe

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