Saturday, November 07, 2009

i fell in love with this song recently..

i recently purchased a light jazz double-disc CD set, and i've been playing it every morning when I dress for work (and sometimes before bed). i've only realised now it's so nice and relaxing to sway a little to the off-beats of jazz music, lifts your spirits, lightens the mood... no wonder those fashion retail stores always play jazz instore - attempt to make you shop more :)

from the album, i've found a couple of favourites that i just have to listen to over and over again (until i get sick of it lol). here's one that i'm loving a lot at the moment - "a love that will last" by renee olstead.

to be honest, i never heard of renee olstead until i googled for information/lyrics to the song. then i read from comments that she's that young neighbour character in movie "13 going 30" starring jennifer garner. oh wow! and if i didn't tell you, i bet you wouldn't believe she sang this beautiful jazz piece when she's only 15 years old! incredible huh? such an old soul voice on a young person... and she sang it very well :) i like it.

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