Wednesday, March 10, 2010

M.A.C. - give me liberty of london

i'm hardly a M.A.C. cosmetics fan, except for the occasional special tie-ups or limited edition collections, or at the annual estee lauder warehouse sale ;)

(ps: does any of you think that the above M.A.C. promo. photo reminds you of Coach too?)

check out M.A.C.'s newest collection - Liberty of London. this is not love at first sight but it's definitely growing on me. oh what can i say? i'm just such a sucker for pretty packaging.. hehehe..

i think white is a welcomed refreshing change for M.A.C. (from their usual solid blacks) and i like the flowers and birds motifs too - very spring/summery, very tropical.

honestly, i don't really fancy the makeup colours from this collection (nothing unusual), just drawn to the pretty white floral casing, esp. the beauty powders and the pouch too! :)

i wonder if these are already available at our M.A.C. counters?
shall check them out soon!

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