Friday, March 12, 2010

happy day..

today is a happy day :)

1) because it's friday - TGIF!! fridays always make me happy :)
2) i'm finally able to take a teeny weeny break from work, just chill, watch TV and not worry about stuff for a little..
3) dinner at xinwang HK cafe tonight was simple and good... yumm yumm.
4) more tokidoki fever! lol..

i almost couldn't believe my eyes when my colleague pointed me to the tokidoki for sephora page online. O.M.G. in addition to their very successful line of canvas bags, clothing, collectibles, vinyl dolls and all.. tokidoki now comes in make up as well? woohoo! what more can a toki fan ask for? ;)

since the tokidoki-smashbox co-brand makeup collection launched in 2007 (which never made it to singapore), this is actually the first time tokidoki has launched a standalone makeup line of its own. isn't it exciting? exclusively distributed via, with such affordable pricings (as compared to its regular line of merchandise), i've got a feeling this entire collection would completely sell out in no time at all.

i like the eyeshadow palettes, the lip glosses and the bellissima makeup pouches! :) such adorable designs and packaging. really wish sephora singapore would bring in the full range as well! pretty please...

2 comments: said...

toki rocks.. enjoy your break!

celest said...

yay! thanks! :)